IMPROOF Integrated model guided process optimization of steam cracking furnaces

Welcome to IMPROOF

IMPROOF is a European project aiming at improving the energy efficiency of steam cracking furnaces, while reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and NOx. The strongly industrial oriented consortium is composed of 7 industrial partners, including 2 SME completed by 2 RTO and 2 Universities, showing a clear and strong path to the industrial and economical world.


Start date: 1 September, 2016
End date: 31 August, 2020




  • Objectives

The objective of IMPROOF is to drastically improve the energy efficiency of steam cracking furnaces by at least 20%, in a cost effective way, while simultaneously reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and NOx per ton ethylene produced by at least 25%.

One important way to reduce the energy input in steam cracking furnaces is to reduce coke formation on the reactor wall. The use of either advanced coil materials, combined with 3D reactor designs, improved process control, and more uniform heat transfer will increase run lengths, reducing simultaneously CO2 emissions and the lifetime of the furnaces.

Biogas and bio-oil will be used as alternative fuels because they are considered renewable, and hence, decrease net CO2 production.

Application of high emissivity coatings on the external surface of the radiant coils will further substantially improve the energy consumption. Less firing is required to reach the same process temperatures in the radiant coils. This will reduce fuel gas consumption and CO2 emissions by 10 to 15%.

IMPROOF will demonstrate the advantage of combining all these technological innovations with an anticipated increase of the time on stream with a factor 3. To select the correct technologies for sustainable implementation in complex plant-wide and industrial data-intensive process systems, all the technology will be implanted in real-plant conditions at TRL6 in DOW.



Kick off meeting of the IMPROOF EU Project

11 June 2019

On September 15, 2016  the kick-off meeting of the project IMPROOF  was organised in the University of Gent (Belgium)  Read more

The M12 progress meeting

11 June 2019

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The M6 project meeting

11 June 2019

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The M18 and Review project meeting

11 June 2019

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The M30 project meeting

11 April 2019

The M30 project meeting took place in the beautiful Salle des Conseils of Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Industries Chimiques (ENSIC) of Nancy, on April 4th, 2019. As usual, this was a very fruitful day with numerous discussions and exchanges.     .Read more