Interview Prof. Van Geem on future research needs for a CO2 neutral chemical industry


Common Dissemination Booster

A “Common Dissemination Booster” ( on the dissemination activity proposed by the European Commission with two other SPIRE projects (VULKANO and DREAM) has taken place during the last quarter of 2018. A confidential conclusive report, issued by the CDB, give few recommendations for common activities. In this spirit, the three projects are sharing dissemination information, and participate in each other's workshops. For example, Technip did participate in the DREAM workshop (International Conference on Advances in Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering (ASEE19) – June 2019), to share results about the low emission furnace. The partners approach has been sustained.

Conferences / Workshops / Communications

“Ammonia-Methane interaction in jet-stirred and flow reactors” S. Arunthanayothin, A. Stagni, Y. Song, O. Herbinet, T. Faravelli, F. Battin-Leclerc in 38th International Symposium on Combustion, online – January 24-29, 2021 (video)

“Low-Emission Cracking Furnace” P. Oud in 33nd Ethylene producers conference 2021, Dallas (USA) – April 18-22, 2021 

“Low-Emission Cracking Furnace” P. Oud in  TechnipFMC Ethylene Forum Webinar 2020, Zoetermeer (The Netherlands) – October 6-14, 2020

Large Eddy Simulation of reactive flow on the fire side of a steam cracking furnace” S. Nadakkal, E. Riber, B. Cuenot & T. Gilles in INFUB-12 Porto (Portugal) – April 14-17, 2020 (pdf)

Low-Emission Cracking Furnace” P. Oud, G. Bellos, B.J. Massop at  DOW Open Day 2020, Terneuzen (The Netherlands)  – January 29, 2020

“Low-Emission Cracking Furnace” P. Oud, G. Bellos, B.J. Massop at  European Ethylene Producers Comittee 2019, Athens (Greece) – October 23-25, 2019

 “Low-Emission Cracking Furnace” P. Oud, G. Bellos, B.J. Massop at  International Conference on Advances in Energy Systems and Environmental Engineering 2019, Wrocław (Poland) – June 9-12, 2019

“LES of large flames in a steam cracking furnace with analytically reduced chemistry”
S. Nadakkal, E. Riber & B. Cuenot in  Seventeenth International Conference on Numerical Combustion, Aachen (Germany) – May 6-8, 2019

“Bio Fuel Gas and Oxygen Enriched Flue Gases as Oxidant in Cracking Furnaces ” G.Theis. & al. in EEPC conference, Nancy (France) 4 april 2019

“An Experimental and Kinetic Modeling Study of NH3 Oxidation in a Jet Stirred Reactor” A. Stagni & al. in 1st international conference on Smart Energy Carriers, Napoli (Italy) 21-23 January 2019

“Study of Oscillations During Methane Oxidation with Species Probing” Y. Song & al. in 1st international conference on Smart Energy Carriers, Napoli (Italy) 21-23 January 2019

“Computational Fluid Dynamics-based Study of the Steam Cracking Process using a Hybrid 3D-1D approach” Vangaever, S. & al. in Chemreactor-23, Ghent, Belgium – November 5-9, 2018 (pdf)

” ‘Pas de deux’ of high-temperature alloy and 3C reactor technology for steam cracking coils: impact on product yields and coke formation”, S. Symoens & al. in Chemreactor-23, Ghent, Belgium – November 5-9, 2018 (pdf)

“About IMPROOF: Pushing the limits of olefin production by advanced modeling: the quest for the holy grail”, K. Van Geem, Stanford University (USA) – September 10, 2018 (pdf)

“Using BioFuel gas under O2 enriched flue gases in steam crackers” G. Theis & 14th Triennial IFRF Members’ Conference, University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) (pdf)

“Poster: Computational fluid dynamics-based study of novel technologies in the steam cracking process” Vangaever, S. & al.  in the VSC Users Day 2018, Brussels (Belgium)May 22, 2018. (pdf)

“Plant Wide Optimization for High Value Added Products – a Steam Cracking Case Study” K. van Geem & al.  in 2018 AIChE Spring Meeting Orlando, Florida (USA) – April 23, 2018

“Computational fluid dynamics-based study of novel technologies in steam cracking furnaces” Vangaever, S &al. in Workshop on Smart Energy Carrier in Industry , Workshop COST/IMPROOF, Milano (Italy), 23 April 2018 (pdf)

“IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces on pilot scale” K Van Geem in 2018 Ethylene Producers Conference, Orlando (USA) – April 24, 2018 (pdf)

“New trends in olefin production” K. van Geem in EEPC 2017 Ethylene seminar, Dresden (Germany)October 25-27, 2017 (pdf)

“Exploring the reactivity of C4-C6 linear alcohols: from jet stirred reactor and rapid compression machine experiments to operating regimes in a HCCI engine.” M. Pelucchi & al. in 3rd General Meeting and Workshop on SECs in Industry of SMARTCATs Action, Prague (Czech Republic) October 25, 2017 (pdf)

“Poster: Etude de l'oxydation de molécules représentatives d'une bio-huile en réacteur agité par jets” S. Namysl & al. in SFGP 2017, Nancy (France) – July 11-13, 2017 (pdf)

“Experimental study of oxidation of bio-oil surrogates in jet-stirred reactor” S. Namysl & al. in CLEAN-Gas Combustion Summer School, Brussels (Belgium) – June 26-29, 2017 (pdf)

“Poster: Temperature oscillation of methane oxidation in a jet stirred reactor” Y. Song & al. in International Bunsen Discussion Meeting on Chemistry and Diagnostics for Clean Combustion, Bielefeld (Germany) – June 21-23, 2017 (pdf)

“IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces” K. van Geem & al. in 2017 AIChE Spring Meeting & 13th Global Congress on Process Safety, San Antonio, Texas, USA – May 16, 2017 

“IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces” M. R. Djokic & al. in International Conference on Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, Bologna (Italy) – April 26-28, 2017 (pdf

“Integrated model guided process optimization of steam cracking furnaces” K. van Geem & al. in EPC2017, San Antonio (USA) – March 28, 2017 (pdf)

Peer-reviewed publications

“Experimental and modeling study of benzaldehyde oxidation” (2020) S. Namysl & al. in Combustion and Flame, 211 (January),  pp. 124-132 (pdf)

“The role of chemistry in the oscillating combustion of hydrocarbons: an experimental and theoretical study” (2020) A. Stagni & al. in Chemical Engineering Journal, 385 (April), 123401 (pdf)

“An experimental theoretical and kinetic-modelling study of the gas-phase oxidation of ammonia” (2020) A. Stagni & al. in Reaction Chemistry & Engineering, 5, pp. 696-711 (pdf)

“A first evaluation of butanoic and pentanoic acid oxidation kinetics” (2019) S. Namysl & al. in Chemical Engineering Journal, 373 (10), pp. 973-984 (pdf)

“The sensitizing effects of NO2 and NO on methane low temperature oxidation in a jet stirred reactor” (2019) Y. Song & al. in Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37(1), pp.667-675 (pdf)

” An experimental and kinetic modelling study of n-C4C6 aldehydes oxidation in a jet-stirred reactor” (2019) M., Pelucchi & al., in Proceedings of the Combustion Institute, 37(1), pp.389-397 (pdf)

“Oscillatory Behavior in Methane Combustion: Influence of the Operating Parameters” (2018) M. Lubrano Lavadera & al. in  Energy & Fuels, 32, 10088−10099 (pdf)

“State-of-the-art of Coke Formation during Steam Cracking: Anti-Coking Surface Technologies” (2018) Symoens, S & al. in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57(48), 16117–16136. (pdf)

“Computational Fluid Dynamics-Based Study of a High Emissivity Coil Coating in an Industrial Steam Cracker.” (2018)   Vangaever, S. & al. in Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57(49), 16782–16794. (pdf)


Book series

M. R. Djokic, K. M. Van Geem, G. J. Heynderickx, S. Dekeukeleire, S. Vangaever, F. Battin-Leclerc, G. Bellos, W. Buysschaert, B. Cuenot, T. Faravelli, M. Henneke, D. Jakobi, P. Lenain, A. Munoz, J. Olver, M. Van Goethem, P. Oud. IMPROOF: Integrated Model Guided Process Optimization of Steam Cracking Furnaces. Smart Innovation, Systems and Technologies vol. 68, pp. 589-600, 2017. (DOI)







“33rd Ethylene Producers Conference” – April 18-22, 2021, virtual conference

5 November 2020

The European Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE) Spotlight Talks

27 October 2020

Kevin Van Geem (UGENT), coordinator of IMPROOF, will give a talk for the European Federation of Chemical Engineering on 26 November (10h30-11h30) on the Electrification of the chemical industry. The exchanges will cover the benefits of applying industrial innovation practices and the many applications of electrification and process intensification in process industries. Detailed programme and free registration:  Read more

IMPROOF Workshop “32nd Ethylene Producers Conference” – Sunday 16 August 2020

12 February 2020

The IMPROOF consortium is pleased to announce the  IMPROOF workshop that will be held at Houston (USA) on Sunday 16 August 2020 online,  connected to the 2020 Spring Meeting and 16th Global Congress on Process Safety. Registration is open for all stakeholders from both industry and academia. Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required on : We will share to the registered people the link to access to the webinar later on . The link will be available until 19th august, 2020.Read more

Discover the integrated model for energy optimization of steam cracking furnace

16 December 2019

Dow is organizing an Open Day with regards to the optimization of steam cracking furnaces. Therefore we are sharing with you an invitation to visit us at an Open Day event on January 29 in Terneuzen, The Netherlands. During the event, we will feature a newly expanded portfolio of innovative studies to meet future industry requirements in terms of energy optimization and CO2 emissions. We are presenting the developments of the EU funded IMPROOF project. Experts from European Universities and leading technology developers will present their contributions towards the future ethylene furnace. The experts will be present at the event to address your questions. •                   Event opening from Jamie Cohen, Dow EMEA R&D Director •                   Keynote presentation on the Chemical Industry under the 4th Industrial Revolution, Rafael Cayuela, Dow Chief Economist •                   Overview of IMPROOF, G. Bellos and Prof. K. van Geem •                   Lectures on biofuel firing kinetics, oxy-fuel combustion, high emissivity coatings, radiant coil technology advancements and low emission furnace design will be given by IMPROOF partners from Politecnico di Milano, John Zink, Cress BV, Gent University, Schmidt and Clemens, Technip and Dow •                   Plant tour by bus •                   Event closure Register, no later than 20th December in order to attend our sessions during the event: Read more

IMPROOF Workshop – 27-28 january 2020 and DOW Open Day 29 january 2020

8 October 2019

The IMPROOF consortium is pleased to announce the two-day IMPROOF workshop that will be held on 27-28 January 2020 at the Laboratory for Chemical Technology in Ghent, Belgium. Registration is open for all stakeholders from both industry and academia. Participants can register for one or two days: Day 1: Computational Fluid Dynamics assisted Process Intensification (27 January 2020) Day 2: Novel Technologies in Steam Cracking Furnaces (28 January 2020) Attendance is free of charge, but registration is required: : However, due to the limited capacity of the event, participants who register but fail to attend will be charged a no show fee of € 50 (except for valid reasons).  Read more