Outputs and Results

Large-Eddy-Simulation of the flame and flow in a steam-cracking furnace


In this work thanks to an original multi-scale approach, a turbulent diffusion flame of a 15m-high steam cracking furnace has been simulated for the first time with LES.

The code AVBP, a compressible explicit LES solver was used with analytically reduced chemistry in order to accurately predict the flame structure, its dynamics, the plume as well as the NOX and CO emissions at the furnace exit.





“33rd Ethylene Producers Conference” – April 18-22, 2021, virtual conference

The European Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE) Spotlight Talks

Kevin Van Geem (UGENT), coordinator of IMPROOF, will give a talk for the European Federation of Chemical Engineering on 26 November...

IMPROOF Workshop “32nd Ethylene Producers Conference” – Sunday 16 August 2020

The IMPROOF consortium is pleased to announce the  IMPROOF workshop that will be held at Houston (USA) on Sunday 16 August...

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