Common Dissemination Booster

IMPROOF is working with the EC through the service “Common Dissemination Booster” ( It will help us to gather and exchange with two other EU SPIRE projects, VULKANO and DREAM.

The three projects are working on similar problematics; they probably will have the same kind of stakeholders, which could be an interesting and consolidating approach. They're working on material sectors. Regarding the project results, the three projects are looking for more efficient, less emissions from furnaces. To be more precise, VULKANO is working on improved refractory materials, phase Change materials – Based energy recovery system, co-firing second energy source, integrated control system and holistic In-house predictive tool. IMPROOF aims on the improvement of the cracking furnaces through the decrease of their energy consumption and emissions, and increase production rate to reduce CAPEX and OPEX of the furnaces. The DREAM project aims to design, develop and demonstrate a radically improved architecture for ceramic kilns, by substantially enhancing specific furnace parts (control system, refractories, emissions abatement system) and by adding new modules and sub-systems (CHP unit, heat pipes) to the current furnace architecture.




“33rd Ethylene Producers Conference” – April 18-22, 2021, virtual conference

The European Federation of Chemical Engineers (EFCE) Spotlight Talks

Kevin Van Geem (UGENT), coordinator of IMPROOF, will give a talk for the European Federation of Chemical Engineering on 26 November...

IMPROOF Workshop “32nd Ethylene Producers Conference” – Sunday 16 August 2020

The IMPROOF consortium is pleased to announce the  IMPROOF workshop that will be held at Houston (USA) on Sunday 16 August...

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